You Can Become a

Sexual Badass At Any Age!

The secret is learning how to truly embrace your sexuality.

Introducing Dr. Sonia’s self-paced independent program

Your Empowered Sexuality! (Yes!)

Are You Experiencing Any of These Situations?

Whatever your sexual concerns are, the solutions are found in Dr. Sonia’s online coaching program called Your Empowered Sexuality! (YES!).

What is YES! About?

YES! is an online course that takes you on a journey over 30 days to explore your sexuality and to create the sex life of your dreams! You even have the opportunity to upgrade and include individual coaching if you need more personalized attention.

There are so many benefits to this program! YES! will help you:

Let’s review the amazing features of Your Empowered Sexuality:

Wondering What to Do Next?

Wondering What
to Do Next?

Ask yourself where you want to be in 30 days. Do you want to be in the same situation, experiencing the same sadness and shame? Or do you want to be on your way to discovering your amazing sexuality and improving sexual intimacy with your partner?

If you want to get started right now and you know that Your Empowered Sexuality! (YES!) is right for you, click on the button below to find out more.

If you are not sure if this is right for you or if you are deciding between the do-it-yourself independent options versus group and individual coaching, set up a free consultation with Dr. Sonia at We will figure this out together.

Don’t wait to get started. Don’t let your mind stay in confusion and continue to experience pain and shame around sexual difficulties.

Think where you could be in just 30 days!

Think where you could be in just 30 days!

Your brain will tell you this is too hard of
a topic to discuss with anyone.

Your brain will tell you this is too hard of a topic to discuss with anyone.

It’s wrong. You can discuss it with me. I’m trained to talk about sex and I will be able to help you. I’ve helped many clients before you. We talk, we laugh, we cry. But we get the hard work done. You will get to the other side and have the amazing life you imagined. It is possible!

Your brain will tell you it’s too late.

Don’t listen. It’s never too late. You can fix this problem. If you realize you are meant to enjoy your sexuality into your 90’s then you will realize how much time you still have. Most women whom I coach still have at least 40-50 years of pleasurable sexual intimacy ahead of them.

Your brain will tell you nothing will ever change.

Don’t believe that. Everything can change if you commit to doing the work and prioritizing yourself and your needs. 30 days can make a huge difference in your life.

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