What’s in Your Wallet?

What’s in your wallet? A full-fledged license or a learner’s permit?

One of the amazing gifts of Midlife is the ability to define and own your sexuality. You have the right to seek out your sexual pleasure and tell your partners exactly what it is that you want. But it’s impossible to own your sexuality and to ask for your needs to be met, if you don’t know your own body. Are you still driving around with a learner’s permit from the DVV?

You might be asking, “what the heck is the DVV?” Well, let me help you with that one… the DVV is the Department of Vulvas and Vaginas!

Some of you have been walking around with your Vulvas and Vaginas (V&V) for 40, 50, 60 years now and have no real idea what to do with them. Some of you have never opened up the owner’s manual and figured out how to use your V&V for optimum pleasure and function.

Well, think of me as your friendly DVV worker. I’m giving you permission to upgrade to be a full-fledged Vulva and vagina owner with your very own license! Congratulations!!!

Ok, ok… even I have to admit that finding the owner’s manual for your V&V is not always easy. So, I’ll give you a hint… it’s in the glove compartment. I’m basically saying it’s a hands-on experience and you have to do the driving (exploring). If you have not already done it, start learning about your vulva. Too many of you are sitting in the passenger seat waiting for others to do the driving and show you the way. That is not their job!!!! It’s yours! Don’t expect your partner to tell you about yourself. You need to figure it out and tell them what you like.

Maybe you like push button controls. Maybe you like the stick shift. It’s your vulva and you get to decide how you want to drive the thing.

So, it’s time to upgrade. Turn in your learner’s permit, do the work, get to know your vulva and vagina, take the test and get your driver’s license.

And as always, I am here for you if you need additional help.

Feel free to email me.


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