Introducing The Midlife Sex Coach for Women Podcast!

Introducing The Midlife Sex Coach for Women Podcast!Welcome to The Midlife Sex Coach for Women Podcast with Dr. Sonia Wright!

This is a show for women facing emotional pain and isolation associated with sexual difficulties. Certified life coach and sexual counselor, Dr. Sonia Wright, helps women address their sexual concerns and create the sexual intimacy of their dreams.

To celebrate the launch of the podcast, I’ll be giving away $50 gift cards to some of my lucky listeners. Keep reading to find out how you can enter!

If you are not sure how to fit sex into your busy life or perhaps you feel your libido has died and you’re not sure how to fix the problem, then this podcast is for you. You may not believe it yet but you CAN learn to end that pain, embrace your sexuality, and become a Sexual Badass at any age!

I’ll be releasing a new episode every Wednesday!

Click the links below to listen to the first episodes:
  • Ep #1: Where Are You Now? – My mission to positively impact the sex lives of over a million women, and some of the most common problems my clients face. I share some tips to help you start addressing your intimacy issues, and explain why, in order to make a change, you have to believe and envision that it can happen.
  • Ep #2: To-Do List Sex: What It Is and Why It’s Not Serving You – Why sexual intimacy is built on a foundation of general intimacy and the important role communication plays in getting intimate with your partner. I also discuss some common reasons why people face intimacy issues and share some ways we can stop having to-do list sex and start having for you sex.
Here’s what you should do right now to sign up for your weekly inspiration from The Midlife Sex Coach for Women Podcast:

Subscribing in Apple Podcasts

To subscribe in Apple Podcasts, visit The Midlife Sex Coach for Women page and click on the “Listen on Apple Podcasts” button. (Note: If you’re on a PC or Android, you can download the iTunes app and leave a review there!)

This will launch Apple Podcasts and bring up the podcast.

Click on the “Subscribe” button and you’re all set!

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Review the Podcast and Win!

I’ll be giving away $50 Amazon gift cards to five lucky listeners who review the podcast in Apple Podcasts!  

How to Enter: Once you’ve listened to an episode or two, tap the stars and click on the “Write a Review” link on The Midlife Sex Coach for Women Podcast page in Apple Podcasts to leave a review.

Any review qualifies you to win: I want you to be honest, tell me what you think, and how I can help you better… Make sure you hit “Send!”

Unfortunately, Apple Podcasts doesn’t release contact information for reviewers so please email me at with the title of your review for your official entry.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to subscribe in Apple Podcasts now.  Thanks for listening!

You can also find the show on Stitcher and Spotify.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Sonia Wright and I’m YOUR SEX COACH! I’m on a mission to end the pain and isolation associated with sexual difficulties and to help women create satisfying sex lives.

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