Doctors Deserve a Satisfying Sex Life Too!

Ending the pain and isolation of sexual difficulties. Providing a safe place for physicians to receive the sex coaching services they need.

Doctors Deserve a Satisfying Sex Life Too!

Providing a safe place for physicians to receive the sex coaching services they need.


Sonia Wright MD

Hi, I’m Dr. Sonia Wright and I’m YOUR SEX COACH! I’m on a mission to end the pain and isolation associated with sexual difficulties and to help physicians create satisfying sex lives.

More about sonia wright MD

Dr. Sonia is a board-certified radiologist, trained sexual counselor and a certified life coach extraordinaire! She received her education from Stanford University, the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic. She has also completed a year-long training program in Sexual Counseling at the University of Michigan, School of Social Work. Dr. Sonia has completed life coach training programs from Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School and from Learning Journeys and is a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach.

Work With


I offer a 12-week individual and/or group intensive sex coaching program to address your sexual concerns. The majority of my sex coaching clients are doctors.

Physicians are a unique demographic requiring the utmost confidentiality.

My coaching services are provided in a safe, confidential manner by video conference or over the telephone. My clients enjoy receiving coaching services in the privacy of their own homes and at a time that is more convenient for their schedules. I offer safe “physician only” group coaching programs as well as individual sex coaching.

Are you experiencing sexual difficulties? I address many issues in my practice including

*Dr. Sonia will work in collaboration with your primary physician, gynecologist or urologist

Perhaps you are interested in exploring alternative lifestyle topics but not certain where to begin? These topics might include…

Do you need a safe place to explore your sexual orientation? (who you are attracted to - please note this is not a complete list by any means. More like a sample list)

Not a


But still want to work with Dr. Sonia?

No problem! Please connect with Dr. Sonia on her Your Empowered Sexuality! information page to find out how to work with her. Individual coaching and group coaching available.

Their Real


Working with Sonia has been such a great experience. I feel so much more confident about the relationship I am creating with my husband and have already seen changes in our communication and intimacy that I know will continue to grow as I apply this work. I highly recommend her!
Dr. C
Coaching with Dr. Sonia is incredible! She puts me at ease so quickly with her warmth and confidence. Under her guidance, I am able to shift my perspective which leads to new opportunities and ultimately growth. We have worked on many issues with great results!
Dr. K
Dr. Sonia helped me work through sexual health issues, as well as emotional and mental challenges with sex. My husband and I are truly grateful for her support. We now have a renewed interest in our sex life, as well as a deeper, more intimate and open communication with each other.
Dr. V

Ready to create the sex life of your dreams?

Ready to create the sex life of your


Your amazing sex life is waiting for you, but you must take the first step. My clients are experiencing improved sexual intimacy in their relationships in less than 12 weeks. Let me help you too.

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You Deserve a Satisfying Sex Life!

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