You Can Become a

Sexual Badass At Any Age!

The secret is learning how to truly embrace your sexuality.

Introducing Dr. Sonia’s signature program

Own Your Sexuality Now!

Are You Experiencing Any of These Situations?

  • You earned your degree, started on your successful career, got married and had the kids. Now you are wondering if this is all there is in life...when does the incredible sex happen?
  • You are an accomplished woman in so many different ways, but you have never felt comfortable with expressing your sexuality
  • You are not sure that you are “doing it” right. You have performance anxiety when it comes to sex
  • Your partner and you have a loving relationship, but the sexual intimacy has decreased over time or is missing all together.
  • Your libido is dead. You are just not interested in sex any more and you feel broken.
  • You are worried that your relationship will not last if this lack of sexual intimacy persists
  • You finally just want to devote some time to you and investigating sexual pleasure
  • You are interested in exploring alternative interests such as non-monogamy, BDSM and sexual orientation

Whatever your sexual concerns are, the solutions are found in Dr. Sonia’s online group coaching program called Own Your Sexuality Now! (OYSN!).

What is OYSN! About?

OYSN! Is an online course with 12 core modules that takes you on a journey from your current sexual starting point to creating a uniquely tailored sexual plan (sexual protocol) just for you! There are weekly group coaching calls (you can participate anonymously). You even have the opportunity to upgrade and include individual coaching if you need more personalized attention.

There are so many benefits to this course! Own Your Sexuality Now! Will help you:

  • Realize whatever sexual issues you are dealing with right now are common and can improve
  • Get to know your vulva anatomy and how your anatomy contributes to your sexual pleasure
  • Discover self-love and body acceptance. Your body is amazing just as it is, right now!
  • Become comfortable with the idea that you are a sexual being. You will learn to express yourself sexually. You have the right to a fabulous sex life.
  • Increase sexual intimacy with your partner. No matter what issues have developed over time, communication, connection and shared pleasure can be restored
  • Address low desire/libido issues. Your desire is still within you. It’s time to unleash it.
  • Broaden your concept of “sex” . Don’t limit yourself to a narrow definition of sex. OYSN! will help you get creative. You will create your own personalized sexual smorgasbord during the course!
  • Explore any sexual interests you may have in a safe and non judgmental environment. Questions can be submitted anonymously to Dr. Sonia at any time during the course. You deserve to be happy. Let’s explore your interests together!

Let’s review the amazing features of Own Your Sexuality Now!

Let’s review the amazing features of
Own Your Sexuality Now!

  • 12 core modules with specific videos and accompanying PDF worksheets
  • Weekly group coaching calls with Dr. Sonia (anonymous coaching)
  • Bonus modules and materials added to the course throughout the year based upon your requests
  • Audio meditations to help listeners get in touch with their inner sexuality and spirituality
  • The option to upgrade to individual coaching with Dr. Sonia
  • Lifetime access

Wondering What to Do Next?

Wondering What
to Do Next?

Ask yourself where you want to be in 12 weeks. Do you want to be in the same situation, experiencing the same sadness and shame? Or do you want to be on your way to discovering your amazing sexuality and improving sexual intimacy with your partner?

If you want to get started right now and you know that Own Your Sexuality Now! is right for you, click the button below to purchase the course. Once you purchase the program you will receive a course enrollment email and you can get started right away.

If you are not sure if this is right for you or if you are deciding between group and individual coaching, set up a free consultation with Dr. Sonia at We will figure this out together.

Don’t wait to get started. Don’t let your mind stay in confusion and continue to experience pain and shame around sexual difficulties.

Let me help you. There is a solution.

Let me help you.
There is a solution.

Your brain will tell you this is too hard of
a topic to discuss with anyone.

Your brain will tell you this is too hard of a topic to discuss with anyone.

It’s wrong. You can discuss it with me. I’m trained to talk about sex and I will be able to help you. I’ve helped many clients before you. We talk, we laugh, we cry. But we get the hard work done. You will get to the other side and have the amazing life you imagined. It is possible!

Your brain will tell you it’s too late.

Don’t listen. It’s never too late. You can fix this problem. If you realize you are meant to enjoy your sexuality into your 90’s then you will realize how much time you still have. Most women whom I coach still have at least 40-50 years of pleasurable sexual intimacy ahead of them.

Your brain will tell you nothing will ever change.

Don’t believe that. Everything can change if you commit to doing the work and prioritizing yourself and your needs. 12 weeks can make a huge difference in your life.

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