Women Physicians, it's time to uplevel your Sexuality IQ...for both you and your patients.

The course that you've been waiting for is finally here!

The OYSN! CME Edition

by a woman physician... for women physicians!

Where else can you…

… learn about women’s sexual health?

… process your attitude about sex and sexuality?

… learn how to easily talk to your patients about their sexual health concerns?

… address your own health and wellness as a physician? 

Women physicians need their own safe space to educate themselves on women’s sexual health as well as process their own intimacy concerns and focus on their wellness.

The OYSN! CME Edition

is that safe space!



  • You feel like the topic of sexual health was not adequality addressed in medical school, especially women’s sexual health.
  • You’re having difficulty answering questions from your female patients about changing sexual health needs throughout their life span.
  • You are not certain how to broach the basic topic of sexuality with your patients let alone address contemporary issues such as ethical non-monogamy, sexual orientation, BDSM, and gender issues.


  • You’d like to get more comfortable with sex and sexuality for yourself and for your patients.
  • You know it’s time. to re-write the old story that you have in your mind about sex and sexuality, but don’t know where to start. 
  • You need a safe space where you and other women physicians can come and talk about sex and intimacy without being judged. 
  • You would love the opportunity to work on your own sexual intimacy concerns in a safe and anonymous environment. 


  • You want to be there for your family and your patients, but you realize something needs to change in your life so you can prioritize YOU.
  • You’re getting close to burnout in your job and you’re looking for new tools and methods to prevent the CRASH and BURN scenario.
  • You recognize that for the intimacy in your life to improve there must be a new focus on self-care. But, you are not sure exactly what that is.
  • You are tired of the ‘Female Physician Flurry’, juggling the kids, job, and partner demands…there has to be a better way!

Imagine easily engaging with your patients around women’s sexual health concerns, as well as getting your own sexual intimacy issues addressed AND avoiding physician burnout…

It CAN happen because I’ve personally helped many women physicians with these struggles, & they’ve come out on the other side thinking…

  I actually look forward to talking with my patients about sex because I feel so much more comfortable talking about sex and intimacy

  My own intimacy is so much better now! Having sex is no longer a duty – I even seek it out because it is now FUN FOR ME!

  I love that there is a safe space that I can go to talk about my sexual concerns and revise my attitude towards sex with other women doctors.

  My shame around sex disappeared and has been replaced with a new acceptance & excitement!

  It’s so good knowing I can learn tools to prevent physicians burnout.


OYSN! CME Edition

A 12-week women physician-only group coaching program to help you address the sexual concerns in your practice and in your life, as well as focusing on your self-care – 

Because you deserve to have the opportunity to improve all aspects of your life – without guilt, shame, or judgment. 

**And there is an anonymous option in the course.

You get to define your intimate and professional life for you…

Dr. Sonia is not just any sex coach —

She’s an M.D., plus a certified Physician Life Coach, and a trained sexual counselor. 

And rumor has it that Dr. Sonia’s worked in a sex toy store before, so we promise – there’s nothing she hasn’t seen, heard, or dealt with!

Because sex may be fraught with shame, embarrassment, fear, judgment, and guilt…intimacy, pleasure, and sexuality can be heavy topics to deal with alone.

That’s why Dr. Sonia designed her OYSN! CME Edition to help you learn to address these topics with compassion, openness, non-judgment, and a little bit of laughter too. 

Allowing women physicians to feel comfortable & safe inside the OYSN! CME Edition Program is vital – and that’s why she’s infused a ‘fun’ factor throughout!

OYSN! CME Edition is a zone of Sexual Safety – in this program, Dr. Sonia is dedicated to helping you move through any difficult challenges – without self-judgment or shame.

Dr. Sonia created the OYSN! CME Edition to provide you with anonymous group coaching so you can ask your questions, share your situations, or voice your concerns in our private, safe space…

Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back, relax, and not take care of anyone else for just a few minutes? Wouldn’t it be great to learn at your own pace?

Well, now you can!

Every week you’ll get a NEW topic to review, don’t worry you won’t have to learn everything all at once.

Dr. Sonia is an insightful, multi-faceted, highly qualified, and FUN sex coach – and her OYSN! CME Edition is a place where you can focus on yourself and getting your educational and personal needs met at your own pace. 

You have access to this material forever! So you don’t have to worry about completing it within a short period of time. No need to rush!

What's Included in the

OYSN! CME Edition?

Weekly Sex Coaching Group Calls

Bring your questions – this is an anonymous safe place to get answers & benefit from sex coaching. Tuesday evenings @ 8:00 PM CST. -all calls are recorded for later access if you can’t be there.

Sexual Health Sessions

Lectures by Women’s Health experts are released weekly to review at your own pace with short assessments for CME credits. Topics include sexuality and:

Menopause, Cancer, Pregnancy, Infertility, ADHD, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Trauma, Kink and Alternative Relationship Structures, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Sexual Pain, Sexual Counseling Assessment. 

Physician Wellness Sessions

Physician Wellness Lectures are released weekly to review at your own pace with short assessments for CME credits. Topics include Time Management, Physician Relationships, Weight loss, Body image, Exercise, Meditation, Parenting and more!

Ask a Coach

Have questions about how best to address your patients’ intimacy concerns, submit a question to the sex coach.

Book Club

No pressure! We read one book over two to three months and meet monthly to discuss the book.

Toy Unboxing

A safe space to learn & talk about different pleasure toys – for solo & couple play. Dr. Sonia has all the toys! If there’s a toy you want to know more about, just ask for a review. 


With 12 weekly modules, this course allows you to assess your thoughts about women’s sexuality and intimacy. 

The PreWork

Let’s get back to the basics! For pre-work, I’ll introduce you to the basic concepts and tools associated with coaching. You’ll learn about a Thought Cascade and how thoughts lead to feelings, actions, and ultimately the results in our lives. This pre-work helps you get the most out of this program and coaching experience!

Your Sexual Starting Point

What does sexual intimacy look like in your life?

Whether you are partnered or not, it’s important to get clear on what is sexually happening in your life RIGHT NOW before exploring what you want it to look like in the future.

You Are a Sexual Being

Sexuality is a normal, healthy part of life. But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of themselves as a sexual being. In Module 2, you’ll start doing the work you need to see yourself as a sexual being who is deserving of intimate pleasure.

A Woman's Libido Explained

Let’s explore your sexual temperament. There are many myths about the female libido that need to be busted for women to really understand what’s going on with their sex drive. In this module, you’ll learn more about how a woman’s libido changes over time and what factors influence libido.

Anatomy Time

It’s time to get familiar with your anatomy! (Especially your vulva and clitoris.) In this module, I’ll help you better understand the vulva and how it serves as your pleasure zone.


Let's Investigate Pleasure

You need to get out of your mind and into your body. You’ll identify how you experience pleasure in your body — not just sexual pleasure but also life’s overall pleasure. How does it feel in your body? It’s time to connect your mind and body as one in the realm of pleasure.

Body Image...the Naked Truth

It’s time to learn to love your body — just the way it is right now. Not when you’re 10 pounds lighter or 4 sizes smaller. RIGHT NOW! In this module, you’ll focus on how to love every perceived imperfection about your body because it’s the only body you have. It’s time to love it, unconditionally!

Loving Yourself

Learn how to prioritize yourself, engage in self-care, and identify your needs. Then, work on communicating those needs to your partner. You’ll discover why, ultimately, you are responsible for meeting your own needs. (And find out what that means for you.)

Your Sexual Smorgasbord

It’s time to get creative. In this module, you’ll take the time to explore a number of sexually intimate acts and decide what appeals to you most. Like a buffet line, you’ll take the things that interest you and put them on your plate. (And leave the rest behind.) By the end of the module, you will have a lovely list of fun activities to try or do more of!

Let's Talk About the Toys

Toys and vibrators and dildos… oh my! Let’s learn about ALL the different toys that have the power to transform your pleasure and intimacy. Variety is the spice of life!

Designing Your Protocol

It’s time to create your protocol! Your protocol is your “pleasure plan” that ensures the intimacy in your life is maintained. By the end of this module, you’ll have your initial pleasure plan complete! You will plan out the who, what, and how of the protocol.

Tweaking the Protocol

After spending a week with the protocol, you’ll reevaluate it and make adjustments as necessary. What is working and what needs to improve? You’ll continue to experiment and revise the protocol over time.

Wrap-up Session

You did it! Congratulations! You completed the course! You have a new sense of yourself, and now own your sexuality. Go forth and enjoy. In this wrap-up session, you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned and how you will move forward in this journey. With LIFETIME access to the course, you can review the material any time you need a refresher.

This is the lowest price it will EVER be! JOIN the inaugural OYSN! CME Cohort at


Special Inaugural Cohort Rate. Payment Plan Available If Needed.

Dr. Sonia is on a mission to positively impact the sex lives of over a million women, this CME course is just the beginning! Join Dr. Sonia in this founding cohort and let’s start changing the sexual paradigm for women across our country and the world together!

Hi I’m Dr. Sonia 

Let me introduce myself. I’m a medical doctor, sexual counselor, & certified life coach…

and I’m on a mission to positively impact the sex lives of over a million women. Won’t you come join me on this mission?

I’ve been a physician life coach since 2016. In 2018, after having dealt with my own sexual intimacy issues,  I decided to train as a sexual counselor and provide sex coaching services to my clients in addition to my life coaching services. my superpower has become putting people at ease while discussing sensitive issues related to sex and intimacy. 

For those of you who are interested, I received my education from Stanford University, the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan. 

Additionally, I completed my life coach training from Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School and from Learning Journeys.

I enjoy combining my natural ability to talk about uncomfortable topics with my medical knowledge, sexual counseling skills, and life coaching tools to create my unique brand of sex coaching. 

I tackle the hard issues by normalizing the situation and sharing helpful information, while coaching from a caring, respectful, and humorous perspective.

I love what I do. 

But too many of my clients, women in midlife, have come to me with horror stories of what their doctors have said to them. Comments like, “just put on a negligee or drink some alcohol to relax. You will be fine.” I cringe when I hear these comments, but I know its not many doctors and I also know  we have not received much training in sexual health, so I decided its time to do something about it. 

I’ve brought hundreds of women though my OYSN! course with success. Now its time for the doctors! 

So, let’s buckle up and get ready for an amazing 12 weeks. Grab a physician friend for the journey. It’s anonymous!

Join me in the OYSN! CME Edition.

This is just the beginning!

This is for you if….

  • You want to change the narrative around women’s sexuality for your patients and yourself

  • You want to fill in the medical education gaps related to women’s sexual health issues

  • You are ready to explore and embrace your sexuality as a woman in a safe and non-judgemental environment 

  • You would like to focus more on physician wellness and create more balance in your life

  • You are ready to just embrace your badassness as a woman and as a physician

This is not for you if….

….actually this course is for every woman physician! LOL! 

Come join us! WE are going to have an amazing time together. 


100% YES!  There is no other course like this out there designed specifically for women physicians. Any one of these components is worth the entire fee. It’s like getting 3 courses in one. For the price of one course, you’ll get access to a sex coach, training modules , and a community of like-minded women physicians for three months.

Think of where you could be at the end of the three months. The improved intimacy alone is worth it! Not to mention the difference this will make for your patients as well.

The OYSN! CME Edition has been designed is to be a minimal amount of time & effort on your part. Dr. Sonia knows you are busy, overwhelmed, and overloaded with “things to do”.  Doctors don’t need more busy work. If you come to the Tuesday evening coaching sessions you will earn 12 CME credits. If you complete the self-paced lectures on Women’s Sexual Health and Physician Wellness, you will receive additional CME units. Maximum CME units earned in this course is a total of 25 units.  

Use what you need – many features inside the course are optional and you have lifetime access.

Sex coaching calls with Dr. Sonia take approximately one hour per week. Everything else is optional and there for you when & if you need it. 

If you can’t show up for a call, no problem – simply access the recording at a time that works better for you!

You are able to submit all questions beforehand – so even if you can’t be there live, Dr. Sonia will answer your questions!

Dr. Sonia is on a mission to positively impact the sex lives of over a million women, this CME course is just the beginning! Join Dr. Sonia in this founding cohort and let’s start changing the sexual paradigm for women across our country and the world together!

This is the lowest price it will EVER be! JOIN the inaugural OYSN! CME Cohort at


Special Inaugural Cohort Rate. Payment Plan Available If Needed.

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