Bonus Coaching Ep #4: Advanced Certification in Women’s Sexual Intimacy Q&A

The Midlife Sex Coach for Women™ Podcast with Dr. Sonia Wright | Advanced Certification in Women’s Sexual Intimacy Q&A

It’s time to overcome our inhibitions, our awkwardness, and our reluctance when it comes to talking about sex. It’s time to lift the prohibition on talking about sex with our clients. It’s time to revolutionize our beautiful coaching industry. And, it’s time to take sex out of the shadows and bring it into the light of our own coaching practice, no matter what we coach on.

These past few weeks I have released three bonus episodes highlighting our newest offering: Advanced Certification in Women’s Sexual Intimacy. Bonus #1 is Women’s Sexual Concerns Must Be Heard. Bonus #2 is Creating a Zone of Sexual Safety for the Coach. Bonus #3 is Revolutionizing the Coaching Industry. Here is our fourth and final episode, the Q&A!

Coach Diamonds, think about all of the things that were part of your coach training modules. Was sex, sexuality, and intimacy even part of that? We recognize that sexuality is an important part of your overall wellbeing, and it requires addressing. We’re answering the questions you submitted about this certification and giving you all the details you need to join us on this mission. Let’s revolutionize our beautiful coaching industry!

Sexuality isn’t being addressed or acknowledged, and it’s time to change that! It is time to revolutionize our coaching industry, take sex out of the shadows, and bring it into the light of our coaching practice. I am on a mission to change things, and I would love for you to join me.
Lisa Hatlestad and I are hosting a free masterclass just for coaches, where we’ll unpack why all coaches, regardless of their niche, need this training. Ready to transform your own life and the lives of your clients? Click here to get on the email list for the YES Advanced Certification in Women’s Sexual Intimacy today and be the first to hear about registration.
What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • What the certification entails and how it benefits your business.
  • Why this offering is an automatic fit for your coaching.
  • How much time you can expect to spend “working” on this course.
  • Why your learning won’t feel like working.
  • How we make the financials easy and flexible for you.
  • What our special bonus is (Hint: It includes the words “free” and “masterclass”).
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You are listening to The Midlife Sex Coach for Women™ Podcast, bonus episode.

Welcome to The Midlife Sex Coach for Women™ Podcast, the only show that combines a fun personality, medical knowledge, sexual counseling, and life coaching together. To create unique sex coaching that helps busy women awaken their libidos, address intimacy issues, and learn how to express their sexuality for the rest of their days. Here is your host, certified life coach and sexual counselor, Dr. Sonia Wright.

Hi, I’m here again with my friend, Lisa. We have asked you last podcast to send in your questions about the advanced certification of women’s sexual intimacy. And we have the questions and we’re going to have even more for the masterclass as well but let’s get to the questions. Alright, Lisa, do you have to introduce yourself?

Lisa: Yeah. Well, I can. I’m Lisa Hadlestad. I am a master certified life coach.

Sonia: So fabulous.

Lisa: Yes. And I’ve known Sonia for a while.

Sonia: A long time, yeah.

Lisa: I was her coach and Sonia has worked with…

Sonia: She actually trained me.

Lisa: I did but not on the sexuality stuff. And I have learned so much from Sonia, so much and I didn’t even know I needed to learn it. So partnering with her or coming onboard to help her realize this training was such an easy yes.

Sonia: So amazing, yes, I am the lucky one. I am the lucky one. I was like, “I need Lisa. There’s nobody else like her.”

Lisa: No, I am lucky.

Sonia: No, I’m the lucky one.

Lisa: I am lucky.

Sonia: No, no, me. We could spend the next hour talking who’s the luckier one.

Lisa: Okay, because I’m a lot bigger than her at some point…

Sonia: It’s true, her chair is down so low right now, we look like we’re about the same size but I’m 4’11 and how tall are you?

Lisa: I’m 5’7 something.

Sonia: Yeah, so there’s eight inches that she has on me. So I’m making her put her seat down, her little knees.

Lisa: I know, it’s good for, yeah.

Sonia: And my feet don’t touch the ground. I got my little tippy toes but not the heels.

Lisa: No, she is like dynamite in a small package.

Sonia: In a small package.

Lisa: I love it. Okay, so, Sonia, let’s, yeah, so we’ve been doing this little special edition series of podcast episodes to talk about the YES training.

Sonia: Yes, and YES stands for Your Empowered Sexuality if anybody wants to know or we just keep it short for YES.

Lisa: Yeah. And the last one, the third show that we just did and we talked about the structure of the program, Sonia had invited anyone listening to send in their questions that they’d like to hear us answer about this advanced certification. So I’ll ask the questions, Sonia, and you answer. So question number one that we got was give us an idea about how much time this will take per week, how many hours per week from people wanting to know, is this going to fit into my life and into my schedule?

Sonia: Yeah. We want it to be very doable. We want this to be accessible to any coach in so many different ways. And one of them is we don’t want to give you so many tasks like jumping through hoops all the time. So the time commitment is about two hours a week, one hour for the session, in class session and then about an hour to process and look over material and things like that. So definitely we don’t want this to be difficult. We want to make this fun, enjoyable, informative, educational, all the different things but not bog you down with a lot of work.

Lisa: Yeah, amen. And because we are who we are and we just, when we were first collaborating on this we could not stop with the ideas. So we do have some bonuses in store. Those will likely be optional to attend live but you all still get the recordings. So there might be an extra hour or two in there at places but yeah.

Sonia: Yes, exactly, so good.

Lisa: Yeah. And so the next question is what is it exactly that we will get out of this, is there a certification? Tell us about that.

Sonia: Yeah. So you will get an advanced certificate, so an advanced certification in women’s sexual intimacy. So this is something, it’ll have a logo and you can put it on your website so people know that you’re a safe place to talk about sexual intimacy issues specifically around women’s sexual intimacy. And in our society we have a tendency to talk more about male sexual intimacy issues but not female, not women’s sexual intimacy. So it’s something really important that we’ll be able to address this issue.

And if you’ve had the certification it is something that is going to attract people to you. People know that you are a comfortable person for them to come and talk about this issue. And so for them that is something that is very helpful. You don’t have to be an expert. We’re not saying that you’re a sex coach. This is not specifically a certification for sexual coaching or sex coaching or sexual counselor or anything like this. It is basically saying, “I am a safe place, let’s start the conversation, let’s get some basic coaching.

If you need more than that I can help you get referrals. I can refer you to something or there’s more information out there that you can get.”

Lisa: Perfect, yeah. And I love that there is just something that we can all put on our site so that people know. Okay, question number three, as you might suspect, how much does this cost?

Sonia: I know, what?

Lisa: How much is it?

Sonia: How much is it? Tell me. Tell me. So you do not have to give us your first born or second but keep all your children. So okay, how much does it cost? It costs $5,000 or you can have a payment plan. I very much believe in payment plans. So it’s a four payment plan of 1250. And so you have the option to do either one of those whichever one works well for you. And this is the first offering. This is the premiere class. So at this point we’re offering it for 5,000. I can’t say that it won’t increase in price later on but right now it’s offered at 5,000.

And we’re really focused on making it accessible in so many different ways. And one of those is the price. And so that’s why, you’ll find other advanced certifications might be 10,000, 15,000. And we intentionally decided that we wanted to price it at 5,000 because we wanted it to be something that every person can have access to.

Lisa: Yeah. And because every coach I think needs this.

Sonia: Needs this, yes.

Lisa: Every coach, not just the ones that are already so active in their business and making amounts of money where a higher price program is easier for them so I love this.

Sonia: Yeah. And if it’s a case that you like to talk over things with your partner, I don’t think it would be an easier sell than saying, “Honey, I need to get some additional training in women’s sexual intimacy. I think that this is an important concept. And it’s for me creating the space for my clients but of course it’s going to impact me and my life as well.” And so that should do the trick. I can’t even tell you, as a sex coach, how many times I have partners thanking me because of the work that is done and the fact that there’s not as many places to be able to do this work, so definitely.

Lisa: Yeah, okay. Next question and this is one that I suspect that all of us as entrepreneurs, how is this going to benefit me and my business? How is this training, what am I going to get from it?

Sonia: Yeah. So many layers of answers to this. So we alluded to it a little bit at the end of the last question. It’s going to impact your own sexuality. You’re going to spend time, intensive time at the beginning really looking at your own concepts around sex and sexual intimacy for you, any biases that are there, any issues that you’re dealing with. You get to take a deep dive into those and do an attitude adjustment type of thing with that. So it’s going to impact you on a personal level.

Then also the fact that you have a secondary skill set, your clients are going to be able to see that logo on your website and then go, “Oh my goodness, I also have a couple of things I’d love to be able to talk to somebody and get some coaching on. Wow, this is so great that I can have a money coach and actually be able to ask a little bit about sex. I’m dating after a divorce and I could ask a little bit about sexual intimacy.” There’s so many different aspects. So just having that secondary skill set, it extends your niche and it draws more people to you.

You have something at a level that other people wouldn’t necessarily have, other coaches, you have a wider base of skills definitely. Then you have that certification and it’s pretty good.

Lisa: Yeah, I mean and also talk about being able to address your clients holistically whether or not sex or intimacy ever comes up in your conversations with your coach. I just feel it’s really important for us as coaches to understand humans as whole, not just segments, not just here’s your money brain, here’s your relationship area, as a whole thing.

Sonia: Yeah, definitely. I reiterate that yes, the holistic aspect of this where you’re coaching to the whole person, I think that is so good.

Lisa: Next question is, can I call myself a sex coach if I take this training?

Sonia: No. I want to really make this clear, this is an advanced certification, an adjunct certification to life coaching. You need to be a certified life coach to do this program. Whatever program that you certified in is fine with us. This is an adjunct to that on the life coaching side. If you want to be a sex coach then you probably need to go into an extended program that’s a year or two long. This is a program in order to allow you to feel comfortable coaching around some issues but this is not where you’re going to switch your niche entirely. This is to add on to the work that you do currently.

Lisa: Yeah, great, okay, next question is will I get continued access to the program? What happens after the program, am I just done and that’s it? Is there ongoing access?

Sonia: Yeah, you have ongoing access to the core modules in this program, yeah, so you definitely get continued access to those core modules. And Lisa and I are always thinking about our coaches and so we’re coming up with additional things that may be available to you in the future as well. So we’re always thinking of making sure we are there for you and continue to be there for you.

Lisa: Yeah. And actually you just pretty much answered the next question I was going to read from which is will there be additional offers in the future?

Sonia: Yes, probably, yeah, exactly. I can’t imagine not doing something else with this amazing woman. You have this brain and all this coaching skill in one place, why would you not? Why would you not do?

Lisa: Gosh, I feel so flattered.

Sonia: Well, yeah because you’re amazing.

Lisa: Okay. And here’s a good question. Is there some kind of community? Is there going to be, I remember when Sonia, when you and I were certifying there was this big Slack coach nation, and is there something like that with this program?

Sonia: It’s got a slightly different form to it so you have the weekly group sessions where you’re going to be meeting and seeing each other. So there’s that aspect of it. And then we have office hours where you can come into office hours and you can connect that way as well. You’re welcome to create something outside of this program to connect with other people if you’d like to do that. And then we also have an Ask a Sex Coach so that you can get questions answered as well while you’re going through this program.

Lisa: Yeah, awesome. What else, people wondering how am I – here’s a good – how will I know if this is the right fit for me?

Sonia: Yeah, let’s just answer that. This is easy. This is the right fit for you. There’s no way that this is not a good fit for you. I’m trying to think. If you have been a sex coach for billions and trillions of years and you have coached on every single aspect then maybe you don’t necessarily need this program. But I’d say for the majority of life coaches, general life coaches, money coaches, relationship coaches, weight loss coaches, whatever your niche is, there is an aspect of sex that is not being addressed and so this program is going to help you.

The fact that it’s only 12 weeks, it’s only three months. Most of these programs where you want to do something you want to get additional training, you have to go a year or two. We can do some of this work and it does not have to take a year or two in order to get some of this work done to the extent, to the level that you want this training to kind of fit it into your program that you already have. And so this is what it is. So this is a good fit for you. We are focused on women’s sexual intimacy.

We are going to be addressing some issues around men’s sexual intimacy and non-binary issues but it is, the majority of it is going to be around women’s sexual intimacy. So if you’re not interested in women’s sexual intimacy then maybe this program’s not for you. But for the most part this is going to be a program for anybody that’s a life coach, any type of life coach that wants to be able to coach around women’s sexual intimacy. And let me tell you, this is an area that’s not being addressed that needs to be addressed.

And it’s going to become a routine standard thing that is going to be in more and more training programs because we’re recognizing sexual wellness is part of whole wellness and it needs to be addressed. And so people that have gone through coaching programs but have not necessarily had that training, this is your opportunity to get that training.

Lisa: Yeah, it’s not even an extension, it’s not even a bonus to coach training. It needs to be taught.

Sonia: It needs to be and it is coming, it’s going to be coming and I’m going to help in whatever way to make this more of an integral part of most coaching programs. But at this point in time I also have to help the people that are out there coaching right now that need this training so that’s where I’m starting. Honestly, I have a big goal which is to positively impact the sex lives of over 100 million women. It needs to be done with all coaches. A woman needs to be able to come and say, “This is what’s going on.”

Couples need to come and say, “This is what’s happening.” So these are important aspects and you’re going to get that information here. And yes, this is for you.

Lisa: Amen.

Sonia: Alright, okay, so thank you so much for joining us for this podcast series. Your question is what’s the next step. So in the link below you’re going to be seeing the link to the sales page and you can go to that page and look at more information on the program and you can see exactly what the YES sexual intimacy training for women, coaching for women is all about. You can look and see what aspects are there, what we’re going to be covering. And just know that we want to see you. We’re trying to make it as accessible in as many ways as possible.

So come and join us for YES, the advanced certification in women’s sexual intimacy. This is where we are. It’s a standard thing. It’s no longer taboo. We need to get over this and we need to make it something that we’re all talking about. So thank you so much for joining our podcast series and I look forward to seeing you in the YES intensive and in the YES coaching training program and just know that we are here for you and we can’t wait to see you. We start March 31st.

Lisa: Yeah, I know, I can’t wait. One thing that I was thinking while you were talking, Sonia, is we are doing a masterclass, a free masterclass before the training. Please sign up for that, bring all of your questions, that’s what we’re there to answer all of your questions, give you a deeper idea of what the training is all about and why you need it and why it’s so important to revolutionize the coaching industry with this. Think about all of the things that were part of your coach training modules and was sex and sexuality and intimacy even part of that?

Sonia: And it’s such a big part. The really interesting thing is when sex and sexuality are going well in a relationship. It’s only about 10 or 15% where people focus their time but when it’s not going well it’s more like 70%. It’s really a big focus, the communication breaks down, the overall intimacy breaks down and then we get to the place where we lose relationships. And we have a lot of people that need our help, a lot of clients that need our help and need us to be willing to talk about this.

And we need our own help, honestly, we could all have our own sexual intimacy issue and this is where you can start to do that work and we are here for you. Alright, click on the links below in the show notes and come and be part of this, we want you there. Thank you so much.

Lisa: Thanks everyone.

Hello, hello, hello coaches, and I mean all the coaches. You are fabulous. Yes, you. You are fabulous. Okay, hear me out. You got the training, the practice, the experience and the knowledge. Your clients trust you and they know that you know how to help them but there is something missing, something very important and it’s not your fault. We don’t talk about Bruno, no, no, no, no and we don’t talk about sex either. The coaching industry like society at large isn’t talking about sex.

It’s not providing thorough and comprehensive training on a significant part of our lives sex and sexuality, and this is a problem. We are all sexual beings. It’s part of our core identity. Sexuality is a basic human right. Your clients, no matter what they’re coming to you for, are coming to you as sexual beings. And let’s not forget you’re also a sexual being. Sexuality is an essential part of our lives but it’s not being addressed. It’s not even being acknowledged.

When we leave this intrinsic part of ourselves and our clients off the table in our coaching containers and conversations because we don’t think it belongs there, we’re uncomfortable, they’re uncomfortable. But what is all the result, what is the result of all this discomfort? Your clients can’t show up in their wholeness. They cannot show up authentically and you, you can’t show up authentically and in your wholeness either. You can’t help your clients holistically when there’s a piece missing.

It’s time, it’s time to overcome our inhibitions, our awkwardness, our reluctance when it comes to talking about sex. It’s time to lift the prohibition on talking about sex with our clients. It’s time to revolutionize our beautiful coaching industry and it’s time to take sex out of the shadows and bring it into the light of our coaching practice, no matter what we coach on. I’m taking the lead because I see the need. I am on a mission, this needs to change and I want you to join me. Let’s positively impact the sex lives and the overall lives of over 100 million women together.

My colleague, Lisa Hadlestad and I are hosting a free masterclass just for coaches where we’re going to unpack why all coaches, no matter what their niche is, need this training. How creating a zone of sexual safety for yourself and your client will transform your work with your clients. And how to unlock your full potential to be open, comfortable, confident and highly skilled in conversations with your clients around sex. You’re ready for this, I know you are, you’re ready to do this work for yourself and for your clients.

So get on the YES Advanced Certification of Women’s Sexual Intimacy email list today for all the information about this webinar that’s coming up and for free registration. I can’t wait to see you all there. Coaches let’s revolutionize this industry. Let’s go back to authenticity and wholeness, let’s take this into the future. Conversations around sex and sexuality are not optional, they are necessary. If you’re a coach in 2023 and beyond you need to be able to have these conversations. Come and find out how.

Get on our email list and find out all the information. Can’t wait to see you there. Take care.

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